Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday morning ride to the earth-fill dam

Since I do not have too much time for riding (I am finishing my bachelor's thesis at university), the only possibility this week was the sunday morning. So me and my father took our bikes and went for short ride (about two hours of total time). We visited quite interesting water structure - the earth-filled dam Švihov that is also known as Želivka. This structure supplies Czech capital city - Prague with drinking water via 52km (about 32 miles) long gravity pipeline with diameter 2,6m. There are few pictures - sorry for the image quality - it's just cellphone photo.

Water outlet at the toe of the dam
Our bikes at the toe of earth-fill dam
The closest picture that I was able to take (through the fence)
Tailwater channel and the concrete weir for measurements of discharges