Saturday, June 15, 2013

Topcase mounting kit

Finally my topcase is on its place! I wanted to fix it to the motorbike in some simple way to be able to remove it without usage of any tools within just few seconds. After few days thinking about it I made a final design. I made some drawings, paper models to check if it fits there and then I was ready to make it of stainless steel.
I sent my drawings to local steel workshop if they could do the laser cutting for me with accordance to my drawings. I originally wanted 8mm thick stainless steel plate, but it was pretty expensive and also unnecessary. So its made of 6 mm thick stainless steel "only". I ordered more of the parts than I needed (just in case that something goes wrong or I would loose some of them) so in average I have about 50% parts more. The price of the whole stuff was about 40 Euros (50 USD) including the material, cutting, programming of the machine etc. 

My drawing of all necessary parts - and already laser-cut stainless steel parts
So after four days I was able to take my laser-cut parts from the steel work shop and finish all the other works that had to be performed. First of all drilling of all the required openings - I used M6 bolts so the openings had to be 5mm in diameter to be able to cut a thread.
Cutting of the thread
This was pretty much time consuming - it took me almost whole afternoon to do that. But when it was done it looked pretty good:

My mounting kit already done - with all the threads and bolts in their place
And now just to put it on its place on the motorcycle:

Bottom view - notice the middle part embedded in "U" shape rack
Bottom view - now you can notice the front part
that is prestressed with two bolts
Inside view - to the bottom of the topcase
Bottom of the topcase covered with soft foam - with openings
Everything hidden under the heavy duty carpet
There is my rain suite just to show the depth of the topcase