Monday, August 12, 2013

Moravia Roadtrip 2013 (1/2)

Me and my girlfriend Marie decided that we would like to do some short roadtrip or just extended weekend on motorcycles somewhere. Since south Moravia is a beautiful piece of Czech Republic (what's more - not that far away) we decided that it could be an ideal place that we could choose as our destination. It is well known for its beutiful landscape and also wine and wineyards - ideal for motorcycle ride... so let's do this!

Water reservoir near Koryčany on our way to Mikulov
Vineyard on the right side - we are already in Moravia
Vineyard on left side
I could not resist to stop somewhere close to the wine yard to take few photos:

Looking forward to liquid form of these... believe it's gonna be a good year ;)
Nové Mlýny water reservoir
Marie passing me