Friday, July 1, 2016

Roadtrip 2016 - Journey back home

So the Roadtrip 2016 is over when I am writing this last post to my blog. We enjoyed few more passes in Italian and Austrian Alps, enjoyed nice roads and finally got home.
Originally we should had one more stop on our way home and the journey should be one more day longer. But when we were about 500km from home (it was just about the noon) we decided that we will manage it back home in just one day. We came home just before 10 PM and I am glad that I can spend the whole weekend at home.
What to say more - I really enjoyed the trip not only because of the weather, beautiful roads and landscape, but also due to the group of the people who came there with me. So thanks to everyone and I hope that we do something similar to this also the next year! 
So enjoy couple of pictures from this last day of our roadtrip below:

View from Passo Rondo / Timmelsjoch
Another view from Timmelsjoch - this time from the top