Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some new Touratech accessories

Today I installed two new accessories produced by Touratech. One of the them is just a simple oil filler cap. It is made of aluminium (probably). It is a good thing mainly because of safety and it also looks better than original part.
The other part that I bought is "Hard Part LA steering stop". In case of dropping the bike this should prevent further damages on telelever and whole front fork. Also cutting of brake lines should be avoided by this product. So let's hope that I will not need it, and if I will let's hope it will minimize the damages.

Hard Part for telelever and oil-filler cap before installing
Already installed Hard Part on Telelever
Comparism of original and Touratech oil-filler cap

Monday, January 23, 2012

OSRAM Night Breaker + (new lightbulbs)

I decided to buy a new set of light bulbs for my R1150GS. Because the lighting performance of GS headlights isn't as good as I wish and I don't want to invest quite big amount of money into Xenon solution. I decided to buy those extra shining bulbs by OSRAM. The producer promisses that Night Breaker + bulbs should reach up to 90% more light, 10% whiter light (so the light is more efficient) and most important is the increase of illuminating cone for 35meters (about 100 feet) more than common bulbs. According to some independent tests which were taken in Germany it seems that these statements are really true! Another advantage is that these lightbulbs are homologated and 100% legal for traffic use (unlike some HID sets etc.). Only disadvantage is shorter lifetime (about 2/3 of common bulbs) but that doesn't seem as big deal since the price is only about two times higher - about 20 USD per set of two bulbs.

Set of two OSRAM Night Breaker + lightbulbs with H1 socket (for BMW R1150GS)
I wanted to have something for comparism, so I took two pictures with full manual settings of the camera. So the camera can not compensate different light conditions, temperature of colors etc. You can notice that the second picture shows much whiter light than the other one. Also the intensity in center is much higher. The significant increase in amount of light is nicely shown on the walls and floor of the garage (on second picture you can notice that the walls and floor are more illuminated). The best way how to compare the performance of Night breaker bulbs is browsing the pictures in full size (by clicking on the picture) and changing the pictures one after another. The difference is then more obvious.

Common lightbulbs
Osram Night Breaker lightbulbs

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cleaning of my bike jacket and pants

So after passing all my exams of this semester, I have finally some time for "maintenance" of my Held Oasis jacket and Held Dakar pants. First I washed them by hands and then by washing machine... it looks like new and also the membrane effect should be regenerated. So just few pictures:

My clothing before cleaning
My Held Oasis jacket before cleaning
My Held Oasis jacket again but now after cleaning