Friday, October 19, 2012

Top case padding

I ordered custom top case for my R 1150 GS. The top case dimensions are based on original aluminum top case from BMW R1200GS Adventure (approx. 365x310x315mm) because I like the proportions but since my helmet is little bit bigger I enlarged it to 400x340x340mm (still can be used on R1200GS and it fits between the side cases) that is much better for my purposes but still seems reasonably small. 
Another thing that I wanted from the manufacturer (BEGR) was the padded upper edge to avoid damaging of my helmet when inserting to/removing from the topcase. The producer did that really nicely with some rubber gasket. Since I want to use the topcase basicly only for the helmet I decided to pad the interior with heavy duty carpet. 
I bought all the necessary stuff and started with padding (for the first time in my life):

Preparation for the padding of the top case - just to avoid strain of the adhesive
on the surface of the top case
Walls already padded with the heavy duty carpet
Heavy duty carpet and soft foam for the bottom of the top case
Almost finished - just the carpet cover of the bottom is missing
And here it is - the final product