Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy anniversary!

I cannot believe that it's been six years already. What could be a better celebration than a ride..., right? Right! It was also probably the last ride of this year, since the days are getting colder each day and also due to the lack of time (have a new job :-)) - that is partly also the reason why I did not take any summer roadtrip this year, hopefully I will manage it next year - wish me luck :-) So just few pictures from my smartphone are attached. 

Bridge close to Stvořidla na Sázavě
The same bridge over the Sázava river
And the same place once again

Saturday, June 6, 2015

"American ride"

I took the bike with my girlfriend Marie (and her Triumph Speed Four) for a ride to "Lucky Cruisers Weekend" event. It is basicly huge meeting of American cars, motorcycles and American culture of 50s-70s. So lets take a look on some pictures that I took there... 

Marie with pink Cadillac
Chevrolet Camaro
Common opinion between US cars owners :-)
American legend - 60s Ford Mustang 
Very detaily crafted replica of K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider TV series
Interior of K.I.T.T. replica
And the day would not be complete without American burgers

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pyramid Fenda Extenda

After heavy rains on last year's roadtrip, I have noticed that there is a lot of dirt staying on the front side of the engine. So I decided to install some fender/mud-guard extender.
I heard of two manufactures that produce them: Maier and Pyramid Plastics. Due to the fact that the Pyramid Plastics "Fenda Extenda" costs about the half of the price (about 30 USD) I decided for that one. It is made of ABS plastic. It comes with plastic rivets and two-sided-adhesive trip, that is not intended for keeping the extender in place, but for installation process only!!! You can also buy some accessory (glue, 3M adhesive mats) if you do not want to fix the extender in some mechanical way (with the plastic rivets). 
This was also my case. I fixed it using "Pattex - One for All" polymer adhesive. Some reasonable amount of adhesive was placed on Fenda Extenda and it was placed on original fender where it was temporarly fixed with clamps in proper position for more than 24 hours in 20°C.
Adjusting the position of Fenda Extenda with clamps 
When the glue was stiff enough, I removed the clamps and placed some additional glue from inner side to reduce the posibility of dirt getting between the original fender and the extending part (what is more it also helped to increase the glue amount in the joint).
Placement of additional glue filling to avoid dirt/mud residue
between the original fender and the extending part
It looks pretty fine, after several rides it still holds fixed to the bike and what is most important it really reduces the amount of dirt on bike significantly! So I can highly recommend this product for your bike
Final view on the bike with Pyramid Plastics
"Fenda Extenda"