Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer roadtrip 2014 - Berchtesgaden riding

We stayed in Auerwirt gasthof for four nights and we did three trips and journey back home. First of the trips was to well known Krimml waterfalls in Austria (the same trip as last year) - we did a route that was about 370km long and we enjoyed every single meter of it. I actually did not take that many pictures and focused more on riding this year - I am sorry for that my blog readers :-)
Krimml waterfalls
Café under the waterfalls
 Next trip was to also pretty know Nockalmstrasse also in Austria.
Milestone of Roman Empire in Austria - accidently found next to the road
On the highest point of Nockalmstrasse
The same place
Also the same place few meters away
And the last trip was pretty short because of high probability of heavy rain falls - so we did just about 200km around Austrian lakes (Attersee, Mondsee and Hallstater see). When we have got back the rain started in few minutes...
Gutters were not able to handle the heavy rain

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back in Berchtesgaden (Germany) - Summer Roadtrip 2014

We decided to repeat our last year road trip to Oberau (near Berchtesgaden), Germany. It is great place for alpine road trips since it is pretty close to famous alpine roads. Ideal for 3-4 day road trip. Few photos are following (sorry for the picture quality of some photos - they were taken with cell phone)

Wonderful view from Auewirt Beergarden
(Hitler's Eagle Nest is located on the top of the mountain on the right)
Morning relax after the breakfast (and planning of the trip)
Getting ready for the ride
Group of perfectly restored tractors
The Bavarian cuisine was also delicious. Unfortunately I was not able to finish my "Schweine haxe" since it was such a huge portion for just one person:
Big portion of "Schweine Haxe" that I was not able to finish :-)