Friday, April 12, 2013

New Sargent seat for my R 1150 GS

My seat started to be less comfortable than I would expect of touring bike or maybe my ass starts to be more sensitive:). Maybe its also a matter of time - I mean the seat is about 11 years old. I was thinking about two possibilities of solving the problem:

  1. Refurbishing of old seat - new foam, maybe some modification of layout of the foam layers, also some new cover with some GS logo etc...
  2. Buying some new comfortable seat. 

After I tried the Sargent seat - there was no question about it... I just orderder the Sargent seat for my GS from local dealer and after some time I've finally got it. It has more concave shape, so you are not sitting on your tailbone but on your butt. That makes it suitable for long trips (one friend of my rode 1600km on it without problem in one day - that speaks for itself).
The Sargent manufactures also the frame (or skeleton if you want) of the seat unlike most of the manufacturers that use old OEM seats. The only thing that you have to do on GS 1150 seat, is that you have to remove from OEM seat special steel support that is fixed by 4 screws from the bottom. And this support is fixed to the new Sargent seat. That takes 2 minutes only. So no problem. I have not tried the seat in traffic yet due to bad weather conditions and also the lack of time, but I hope that next weekend will be fine for a ride. Or even better now with the new seat ;)

The Sargent seat and the OEM BMW seat in the background
Comparison of the seats from the bottom,
the steel support was "transplanted" to the new Sargent seat