Monday, March 26, 2012

One more interesting construction from the Sunday ride

This Sunday there were actually two main points of interest on the planned route, not just the streams crossing. This time the structure combines timber with steel fasteners. It's a observation tower called Bohdanka located in village Bohdaneč (Czech Republic). Unfortunatelly the tower was closed (should be opened from next week) nevertheless the magnificent view was provided even from ground level. So just three pictures for your imagination:

Bohdanka tower
My GS with the tower in background
View from ground level

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Streams crossing

Today me and my friend visited quite unique place. The crossing of two streams in different level. I've seen some TV program about this place because it had been restored about two years ago. Just to let you know about the meaning or sense of this structure: the upper stream was used as a millrun in the past. So you can see few pictures of this certainly interesting structure right here in this post:

My GS with streams crossing in background
The same view just without the bike
The same construction from the other bank
And the final picture with my UVEX helmet

Friday, March 16, 2012 is enough now!

Hello, I am glad that I can announce that from now on I am running on my own domain name ( So you don't need to spend eternity with typing the whole old address (but this one works as well).

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reinforcement of sun visor on my UVEX helmet

Uvex company re-designed the original sun visor on their Enduro helmets for some reason. It is much thinner and what is worse it's much weaker - mainly in torsion. So sometimes the wind causes squeaking by small torsion of the sun visor and by small rotation in its three supporting points. So I decided that I will reinforce it with some fibre glass. I've used very fine (110g/) glass fabric, polyester resin, sprayed filler, black color sprays, some sandpaper and that's basicly all. So the result is that the visor is stiffer (not as much as I wished to, but it's pretty ok). I was quite limited by space on the bottom side of sun visor because there is almost no space between the sun visor and the plexiglass when it's fully opened, so I couldnt use as many layers as wanted. Well, there are some pictures:
(Almost) everything that I used
Sun visor fixed to temporary supports during placing the fabric into the resin
That's what it looks like after everything finished