Thursday, June 30, 2016

Roadtrip 2016 - Italy - Fontana Bianca

Our last ride should be short because we are about to ride 750km back home tomorrow. So there was about 170km long route to Lago Fontana Bianca (White Fountain lake) and then some track around surrounding mountains on schedule for today. But when we reach the Fontana Bianca, the weather got worse so we had to shorten the route back to hotel because of the rain. At least there was some more time to prepare all the stuff for the journey back home (but I would enjoy the riding more anyway).
Cafe at Lago Fontana Bianca
View from Cafe next to Lago Fontana Bianca 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Roadtrip 2016 - Italy - Gavia, Livigno, Stelvio

We continuted the other day in our Italy rides. The schedule for today seemed pretty cool. It included Passo Gavia, Livigno city (well known winter holiday center), and also the worldwide known Passo Stelvio. There is not much to talk about so just enjoy the following photos from my GoPro and Cellphone camera.

Approaching our first stop passo Gavia
Beautiful views are almost everywhere
Josef's new GS 1200 LC - on Gavia Pass
Passo Gavia - this time with icy lake
Getting closer to Livigno
Beautiful water reservoir in Livigno
(I knew this place only with white cover of ice and snow before :-) )
Since Livigno is tax free zone, its ideal place to refill the bikes
Livigno is also a great place where to take a lunch
Or a picture of your bike in front of the mountains
Just after a delicious Italian lunch we left Livigno and continued to Passo Stelvio to enjoy some windy roads. Unbelievable how much you can do in just one day in Italian mountains. 

Climbing to the top
Just one glance back on the route
Almost on the top of Passo Stelvio
And finaly the wonderful view from the top on the other side of Stelvio Pass
The same place with my beloved GS 1150

Monday, June 27, 2016

Roadtrip 2016 - Italy - Relax

Today we just enjoyed a short ride after the long transfer to our destination - Merano, Italy. The route was just about 170km. So there was no rush in the morning, so we left the hotel after the breakfast around 9 AM.
Lago di Santa Giustina
Most of apples sold around Europe come from here
We came back to Merano city just after the noon, so we spend the afternoon in the swimming pool and relaxing. In the afternoon we went for a walk into the city center and after coming back from dinner we also tasted some local wine (pretty good one :) ).
Afternoon walk in Merano city center
And glass of local wine in the evening

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Roadtrip 2016 - Austria and Italy

Another Roadtrip takes place this summer! Finally after the first year in my new job I decided that there was a time for another bike roadtrip. This year our crew consists of four riders:
- me (BMW R1150GS)
- my father Bedřich (BMW R1200GS - DOHC)
- my brother Tomáš (Honda CB1000R)
- our friend Josef (BMW R1200GS - LC)

The route of our trip was planned throug the nicest places that we knew and it included Austrian and Italian Alps. So we have on schedule places like: Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Passo Gardena, Passo Sella, Passo Gavia, Passo Rombo / Timmelsjoch - so there is definitely lot to enjoy.

I did not took almost any photos the first day, because it basicaly ment only the transfer (about 450km) to Austria - close to Kaprun and what is more important to us - to the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse. So the photos presented here are starting from this place. 
P.S.: Sorry for a bit worse quality of pictures - they were taken only with my Cellphone and GoPro action camera.

GSs in front of our accommodation in Austria
In front of the entrance gate to Grossglockners Hochalpenstrasse
Grossglockners Hochalpenstrasse
Also some snow is present
Group picture in front of a waterfall
Highest car exposition in the world (on Grossglockner) 
Pasterze Glacier on Grossglockner
Entering Italy
Weather got better after entering Italy
Reminds me Apple wallpapers
Beautiful background
I love Italian mountains 
And roads in mountains
Another windy road
Can you imagine anything better?
I have no words for this one
Another Apple wallpaper :-)