Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reinforcement of sun visor on my UVEX helmet

Uvex company re-designed the original sun visor on their Enduro helmets for some reason. It is much thinner and what is worse it's much weaker - mainly in torsion. So sometimes the wind causes squeaking by small torsion of the sun visor and by small rotation in its three supporting points. So I decided that I will reinforce it with some fibre glass. I've used very fine (110g/) glass fabric, polyester resin, sprayed filler, black color sprays, some sandpaper and that's basicly all. So the result is that the visor is stiffer (not as much as I wished to, but it's pretty ok). I was quite limited by space on the bottom side of sun visor because there is almost no space between the sun visor and the plexiglass when it's fully opened, so I couldnt use as many layers as wanted. Well, there are some pictures:
(Almost) everything that I used
Sun visor fixed to temporary supports during placing the fabric into the resin
That's what it looks like after everything finished