Sunday, September 9, 2012

FichtlCup 2012 - Miřetice

No special program for today's afternoon - just a need to go for a ride. But what could be the aim of the journey (if not the journey itself) - what about FichtlCup.
I visited quite interesting annual event FichtlCup that took part in village Miřetice. It is called after quite popular small 50ccm motorcycle Jawa Pionýr (colloquially called "Fichtl") that was produced in Czech Republic from 50's to 80's. There was huge variety of those machines - some of them in original shape, some of the them were highly customized. Also the age of the riders started from (I would guess) 5 years to 40 years. 
There were also other categories for different cubature dirt/pit bikes. There are at least two pictures that I took there (I'm sorry for worse quality - cellphone photos)

Probably one of the youngest racers
Big pit bikes (about 125ccm)