Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Roadtrip 2013 - Nockalmstrasse

The title of today's entry could be "The Best for the Last". We really enjoyed every kilometer, every curve of today's roadtrip. Not talking only about the main aim of the trip (Nockalmstrasse) - which was actually the rainy place - that really sucks, since it provides astonishing sceneries - that are not that much visible in cloudy rainy days :-/. 
But if I omit this rainy part - the rest was like a dream. Almost empty roads, lot of fast curves, good qualitty of the asphalt... I cannot imagine better conditions.

Elevated highway on the left, alpine river underneath, empty windy road next to it
- not too far from ideal
Rainy way to the top of Nockalmstrasse
Sudent change of the weather on the top
Typical inhabitant of alpine slopes