Thursday, September 4, 2014

Corfu Road Trip 2014 - Day 2

After a good breakfast (including eggs, bacon, salami etc...) we pack all our stuff, pay for the hotel and go to our motorbikes for another day on the roads. It is cloudy but without rain. We are passing the borders (to Croatia) and we stop there to have a coffe but what is more important to dress into our rain suits. Yes - it is raining.

My father taking his rain suit from his topcase
Most of the day is still rainy.
Rain - not very pleasant weather on motorbike
After passing through Croatia we entered Bosnia and Herzegovina - still rainy. But sometimes the rain even stoped which was a nice change. 

Damaged sidewalk on road somewhere in Bosnian mountains along Vrbas river
Vrbas river (picture from the same place as the damaged road photo)
In the afternoon - around 18:30 we reached our destination in town - Travnik. We again took all our stuff into the hotel (that was already booked by me) and went after the shower etc. to city center for a dinner, beer and some wine maybe.
Nice restaurant next to mountain stream in Travnik
There was one restaurant just about 100 meters from our hotel. There was an outdoor grill and it smelled delicious so we decided to have a dinner there. After ordering the meal we asked for beers - unfortunately no beer, wine... no alcohol at all was served in this restaurant - since it was muslim restaurant :-) So after the dinner we decided to leave and to find some other restaurant where we could enjoy some local wine. Well it took us some time (we passed lot of pubs but people had there just coke, coffee etc...) but in the end we found one which was about 1 km distant and we tried also their wine (after 15 min waiting for waiter to find bottle screw).