Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SR 2012 - Day 2 - Bavaria

Today after delicious breakfast in our "Gasthof" we set on the journey through Bavaria to BMW Museum and BMW Welt, that I wanted to show my father. I was there last year but some (most interesting) exhibitions were closed. I must say that the Bavaria is really nice piece of land that provides all: beautiful landscape full of corn fields, hop fields, nice roads, magnificent mountains and lakes. Everything is clean, well groomed... also a reason why we will spend two more days here on our way home. So few pictures of BMW HQ, Museum, and BMW Welt.

BMW Welt building next to the BMW Museum and HQ
BMW aircraft engine from 1926
Clay model in 1:1 scale is still a part of designing process
BMW Gina - prototype with textile body work - changes shapes
(opens eyes/lights, creates spoiler, opens the hood, etc.)

And one awesome video, probably known from TV commercial. It wasn't done by computer 3D graphic software, but it is 714 small metal spheres that are hanging on strings that are controlled by computer and it creates different 3D structures - cars from whole history (according to some sources it should be: BMW 327, BMW 1500, BMW Z4 coupe concept and Mille Miglia). So just watch the video: