Friday, August 10, 2012

SR 2012 - Day 5 - Italy

This day was kind of nightmare for my father. Or at least it's first part - Passo Gavia. It is a mountain pass close to Bormio (Italy) that reaches 2621m. There would be nothing wrong about it.
  • the road is wide enought usually only for 1-1,5 car,
  • there is both way traffic (if two cars meet, they have to stop and one of them usually has to move backwards to some wider place),
  • asphalt is not the best in means of quality (holes etc.),
  • some sections of the road are missing the crash barriers and the several-hundred-meters long slope starts on the edge of the road
These facts are really good impulse for your body to start producing adrenaline:) But when you reach the top, something like compensation for your suffering is wonderful view on top of the mountains, with alpine lake. I took there few pictures to share the atmosphere with you.

Passo Gavia (those stuff on the left are not bushes, those are tips of trees !)
Sorry for worse quality, picture is taken from the video
Panoramatic photo that I took on the top of Passo Gavia (made of 3 photos)
And the afternoon we spent in Livigno (where we were also accommodated). That is mainly winter-sports oriented town. We've been visiting it for about 10 years now, it was really interesting to see it in summer, without the snow everywhere. We even got to the top of the mountain with cableway lift. There was a lot of downhill bikers that were riding down some of the slopes. It seemed quite crazy to me. Also some pictures from there are following:

View on the stream in Livigno Valley
Livigno - Mottolino
Bike jumpers next to the bottom station of the lift (Livigno - Mottolino)