Sunday, August 12, 2012

SR 2012 - Day 7 - Eagle's Nest

It was more then 400km yesterday and there is about 500km in front of us tomorrow, so today's ride was just about 80-100km around Berchtesgaden and mainly visit of Hitler's "teahouse" called Eagles Nest. 
It's on the top of 1834m high mountain. It was a gift to his 50th birthday. It took only one year to build several kilometers of alpine road, long tunnel in the rock that leads to 124 m high elevator shaft also in the rock, and mainly big unique house on the top of the mountain. Unbelievable structure... For more info check the wikipedia ( And now my pictures:

Entrance to the tunnel with elevator inside and the Eagle's Nest on the top
Eagle's Nest itself
Hitler's octagonal livingroom with huge fireplace serves today as restaurant
Huge fireplace in livingroom made of marble was Mussolini's gift to Hitler
Eva Braun's room
Magnificent view from the Eagle's Nest